Frequently asked questions

Below you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Can’t find the answer to your question? Don’t hesitate to contact us at or use our online contact form. We love to help!

I don’t have iDeal, can I pay differently?

Yes of course you can! You can manually subscribe by following these steps:

  1. Send an e-mail to with the name of te course and number of the group you want to attend (e.g. financial accounting – group 1)
  2. Add the course to your Shopping Cart
  3. Go through all the steps
  4. End the steps with iDeal where you have to select a bank » of course don’t pay because you can’t!
  5. Your seat is now reserved!
  6. Send the money to our Bank Account » Youtopia Support B.V., IBAN (Bank account): NL09INGB008844997
  7. Send an e-mail with the print screen of your bank account in which we can see that the booking is done.
  8. As soon as we receive a print screen of the booking we will manually book your reserved seat via the website in the group of you choice!


Why Youtopia Exam Preparations?

During the exam preperations of Youtopia we actively practise the course material of your exam! We don’t teach you tricks but clearly explain the various aspects of the course to make sure you understand everything. Youtopia fills the gap the very massive lectures and expensive individual tutoring. Do you still not pass your exam after following one of our exam preps? Then we even offer you a 50% discount on the course for the resit! (please notice: this doesn’t apply to partial exams)

Can I subscribe for an exam preparation that already started?

You can only subscribe for an exam preparation that already started (only if course isn’t fully booked). In case the course is already fully booked we can help try you to find another solution. For your information: we will adjust the price to the number of hours you actually attend the exam prep. So you won’t pay for the full course. Please be aware, however, that we strongly recommend to follow each session of the course so therefore try to subscribe on time! Send an e-mail to to discuss a solution!

Is there another list in case the course if full?

There is! Whenever a course if full a new button appears to subscribe to a ‘waiting’ list. By doing this you will receive an e-mail straight away when an extra exam preparations course is opened!

How is the study material created?

Our teachers create the study booklets themselves. Why? Because they are the ones that know best what’s important and what you need to know to smash that exam.  At the first session of the exam preps we will give you a booklet with the most important theory and assignments similar to the ones you will get on your exam. In this way you can sit your exam fully prepared and full of confidence!

Is it bad when I miss one of the exam preparations?

Missing one of the exam preparations isn’t ideal since we discuss new aspects of the course each session. All these aspects are important for your exam. If you already know you will miss one of the sessions beforehand, please let us know. You might be able to join another group!

Did you attend an exam preparation and not pass your exam?

In that case you get 50 percent off the exam preparation for the resit! This discount is only valid for you and can only be used only at the exam training for your resit. Please note that there is an exception for exams that consists of several parts. Do you want to get your discount? Please send an e-mail to

What are the group sizes?

We aim to keep the group sizes as small as possible. Therefore each group consists of a maximum of 20 people. However, exceptions may apply to due special circumstances or at exam preparations for a resit of the course.

I can’t log in!

If you forgot your username or password, you can simply request this again! However, if you signed up using your Facebook account, you unfortunately can’t do this. Did you try everything and it’s still not working? Then please e-mail or contact your faculty manager using the contact form and we’ll try to fix it for you!

Where can I find information about my exam preparation?

On our website you can log in (see top right corner) to ‘My Youtopia’. When you logged in you can find all the information you need about your exam preparation. The location (as soon as it’s known) can be found at the ‘general information’ section of your course. The room number appears a couple of days before the training takes place. You can only see this, however, when you paid for the exam prep.

Help! My exam preparation is almost starting! Where do I go?

No reason to panic! The location and the room where the exam preparation will take place are always mentioned at the ‘My Youtopia’ section on our website (please log in to see this). If this doesn’t work for you, simply send us a private message on our Facebook page and we will help you out ASAP! Another thing you can do is fill out the form on our website for the faculty manager in charge, who will happily answer your questions!

I paid but didn’t receive a confirmation?

When the money is taken from your bank account we ALWAYS receive the subscription! So don’t worry, there is a reserved spot for you at the exam preparation. Did you, however, not receive a confirmation of the training? Then please check your SPAM inbox as well.

If you still didn’t receive anything after a couple of minutes, please log into ‘My Youtopia’ on the website. On this page you can check if the exam preparation you subscribed to is stated at ‘My Courses’. Can’t find it? Well, that means our system has a little time out.

We always try to confirm each subscription manually within 12 hours. So still no need to worry, we got this! Nevertheless, feel free to email us at