About Youtopia Support

Exam preparation in the heart of Amsterdam

At Youtopia we do everything to make sure you smash your exam! All exam preparations are designed to your exam and taught by students who passed the same course with top marks.

  • Quickly revise without spending hours and hours in your books?
  • Think you will never understand this material?
  • Do you need extra structure for a specific course?
  • Do you get tired of all the resits?
  • Can’t you see another way out?

Youtopia Exam Preparations is the answer to all these questions! Our training courses take place at the universities itself. This is either at the University of Amsterdam or Vrije Universiteit.

Exam preparation designed to your course
Our teachers make the study booklets themselves. Why? Because they are the ones that know best what’s important and what you need to know to smash that exam. At the first session of the exam preps we will give you a booklet with the most important theory and assignments similar to the ones you will get on your exam. In this way you can sit your exam fully prepared and full of confidence!

Didn’t find your course?
Do we not offer your study or course? While everyone is struggling with the material? Quickly e-mail us at info@youtopiasupport.nl and we will make sure to offer your course too!

Any other questions? Please look at our FAQ.